“Let Your Girl Kick Your Ass.” | Manhood Mondays


Dedicated to the upliftment of masculinity worldwide

They say all is fair in love and war, but nah.

It’s a fact that women hold men emotionally hostage for things that happen. Not to generalize, but they get mad at us and seemingly stay mad indefinitely. Sometimes it’s deserved, but not always. What they don’t get is that men, for the most part, are idiots up until our 30s, and generally can’t be trusted or held 100% accountable for the evolutionary stupidity until then. Blame society, rap music, or a lack of parental guidance. Bottom line, there should be some leniency. No dice, though.

Be warned, women hold grudges with a kung-fu grip and carry bags filled to the brim with scars and hurtful memories, so your fuck-ups may go unforgotten. Even if apparently resolved. Even after you’ve begged, cried, apologized, and given up all our social media passwords in a search for perpetual forgiveness. But, no worries, because as usual, TGDC has a solution.


Let her beat you up…

Watch the video for the scientific breakdown of this controversial theory.

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Words by Tony Grands
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