“Last Friday” To Finally Hit Screens?



Last Friday,” the alleged final film to Ice Cube’s heralded Friday movie franchise, has been an industry, as well as in-the-streets rumor for years now.

One might compare it to Dr. Dre’s forgotten album Detox, which experienced over a decade of its own rumor-milling, only to eventually sputter out, never seeing the light of day.

Well, unlike Detox, which the good doctor declared deceased last year, Last Friday‘s rumor seems to have had breath breathed into it by the Hollywood gawd himself, Ice Cube.

Cube, who starred in the prior movies, has moved in a different direction in his career over the years, and seemed understandably hesitant to jump back into the role that arguably made him a star. But with the rise of his son via last summer’s Straight Outta Compton, it appears the torch has been passed, and fans can rejoice.


This image was taken from O’Shea Jackson Jr.’s FB page. In fact, he urges all who visit the pages to share this image. So we’re doing our part.

It appears young O’Shea and DC Young Fly are portraying Craig and Smokey’s sons, respectively. That’s all we have for the plot, but you can almost imagine how the film will play out. Also, let’s all agree that this is an unforeseen twist. I’d quicker assume the franchise would just die off rather than move it forward. In theory, this means that Last Friday is potentially the first new Friday in a new series.

This is a genius move by Cube.

There’s no official release date, but word is that all lights are green.

Last Friday coming soon.

Words by Tony Grands
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One comment on ““Last Friday” To Finally Hit Screens?

  1. Champ Ion says:

    Either gonna be exceptionally epic, or an epic failure. I’m going to see it, regardless…. If it ever comes out.


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