Donald Trump and the Seventh Seal of American Racism



Donald Trump had Ku Klux Klan members publicly supporting him at a rally in Arizona recently, and the fact that mainstream America isn’t making a big deal about it it’s somewhat disheartening, yet not surprising.

However, we can all agree that that’s some bullshit.

Let’s imagine, for a moment, that a band of Black Panther Party members showed up to support Barack Obama, even after he’d been sworn into office. The amount of outrage would likely be deafening. Or what President Obama decided to hire the Nation of Islam to add extra security at one of these venues. There would a substantial kickback of disrespect and negativity. Hell, it kind of feels like If Barack Obama had said his favorite rapper was anyone outside of Kendrick Lamar, that, too, would have been blown wide and taken unnecessarily out of context.

But, that scenario is imaginary. Donald Trump, on the other hand, had actual members of the Ku Klux Klan in the building to support him. The fact that he didn’t tell them to leave or make any public attempt to separate himself from what they represented tells me a lot more about his personality than any words he could ever string together. In fact, 37% of the people voting for Donald Trump allegedly believe that slavery should be legal again. Its 2016 not 1816, but unfortunately this isn’t everyone’s reality.

If you ask people about Donald Trump, you’ll get three basic responses. People either like him, hate him, or understand where he’s coming from. And the people who we should be worried about are the people that understand where he’s coming from.

Allow me to explain.

Trump seems to have ushered in a new era of social mannerism. It’s almost like he made it okay to be a bigot. I’ve witnessed a change in the attitudes of certain people who I deal with daily at work, a change that began to increase steam as Donald’s popularity blossomed. People who weren’t necessarily coming out in support of trumps message were still identifying with things that he said. And is still saying.

To an extent, this is hate that hate made. Keep in mind, we’re talking about America, a country who only eight years ago elected a black man to lead the us. I guess it’s only fitting that his exit be capped off with such an extreme shift in polarity. You can say what you want about President Obama, but he tried to pull America together through love and understanding, in my opinion. All that glue is literally melting as floodgates of intolerance have been left ajar, just enough to have an effect on the way that people think.

So now we have Donald Trump, trumpeting his 1% attitude, and it seems people have waited on a guy like this to spring forth and take command. The zest and zeal that his supporters have for him is incredible. Meanwhile, the emotions that he stirs up on the opposite end of the spectrum are having the same effect on different people. His bigotry could easily be transcribed as hate, a hate that his opponents and opposers can easily pick up and forge into a weapon of their own.

Even if he does not win the election, he has still opened the Seventh Seal of American racism. This energy has been freed. Donald Trump is the proverbial fifth horseman. He doesn’t wear a mask though, and he has no intention of hiding his agenda. His influential seed has already been spread far and wide and it’s merely a matter of time before a new generation of critters come along to pollinate them.

These are the babies that will be born from the loins of those who understand where Donald Trump is coming from. They may not have political POV to condescend from but they want to “make America great again.” As if to imply that it stopped being great once the Black guy took over. And while the slogan itself is thoroughly harmless, we all know it’s a swipe at People of Color. These are the people, more so than Trump himself, that we should be worried about.

It’s not about black or white at this point, it’s become a matter of Love vs Hate. And hate seems to be winning.

Words by Tony Grands
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2 comments on “Donald Trump and the Seventh Seal of American Racism

  1. Champ Ion says:

    Great write-up, bruh


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