33 and No Kids Yet? You Win! | Manhood Mondays


Apparently baby fever is running rampant in America right now. I already have a thousand kids so not only would I be completely unaware of this unfortunate agenda, but I’ve been spending all these years trying to avoid it anyway. So I would still strategically be none the wiser nonetheless. No more babies for Tony. Gonna get some t-shirts made with that motto.



It seems that a lot of my friends have finally reached a point in their lives where they want to have kids. Listen. If you’re over 33 and you don’t have any kids yet, stop trying to. Buy some more condoms and then go buy a car instead. Or a dog. Or some birds. Or some shiny new rims.


Because you’ve won and clearly you don’t realize it.

Allow Tony to explain further on today’s episode of Manhood Mondays.


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Words by Tony Grands
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