iRecommend: Cee “Hennessy & Grape Juice” Mixtape


Rapper/Producer Cee, Hennessy & Grape Juice

Because recommendations are better than reviews.

From Danville, VA to NYC.

Cee‘s 11-song Hennessy & Grape Juice project is one part heavy southern influence — think Pimp C, Ludacris, even Slim Thug pop into focus, 1 part hard-left turn from today’s mainstream copycat formula, and 1 part simplicity. Simple, catchy lyrics, sample-based, very well placed, subwoofer-slapping tracks, and easy to grab concepts. The production is damn good, something I wasn’t expecting (yes, I judged the title), and on virtually every joint, Cee flows like life could be much worse. There’s a confident relaxation that creates a cohesion throughout the tape, despite having several producers, Cee included. It’s a breath of fresh air. Springtime on-the-block music. And that’s good. The world has enough angry, gangsta rappers.

This isn’t a review, but rather a recommendation. We recommend this mixtape, and below is the office favorite. Check the sidebar for a link to stream Hennessy & Grape Juice in its entirety.

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Words by Tony Grands
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