The “Truth” about the Kellogg’s Viral Video | TGDCnews


Let’s assume that everyone in the world is aware of the Kellogg’s video scandal that’s currently trending.

Allegedly, a man urinated on Kellogg’s Cereals factory equipment in a Tennessee facility somewhere around 2014 and video has surfaced.

Kellogg’s has confirmed that the urine did indeed come in contact with cereal that was sold and likely ingested. This is domestic terrorism at its finest.

The video is currently sweeping the nation. We even featured it on our YouTube page. And, if for some strange reason you haven’t seen it yet, take this opportunity to go there and check it out.

There is speculation to why this situation occurred. Many people think that it’s a disgruntled employee out for revenge. This could very well be the case because according to a commenter on our YouTube page, there was some sort of employee lockout that occurred in 2014. Contractors were brought in to temporarily replace the employees. And in that case, it could have also been one of the temporary workers having a perverse laugh at the expense of the clueless customers. Either way, there is a slight chance that you, the reader, ate some of that guy’s pee pee cereal. Savage.

I have a different type of theory, however. I don’t believe it was an employee, disgruntled, non-permanent, or otherwise.

What I believe is that we’ve ALL been exposed to a mass-media false flag event designed to leisurely introduce the dawn of a digitized work force. Essentially laying groundwork for man’s on-the-job replacement. We’ve seen the phenomenon rapidly evolving over the past decade or so. For example, a bill collector called me yesterday and I knew it was a computer, but it had a genuine conversation with me. That motherfucker asked me how I was doing and when I said, “I’m OK,” he asked me, “Why? What’s wrong?” Gtfoh. I’m not impressed enough to give you money that I don’t have, Mr. Robot Bill Collector.

And we can always look back to our trusty smartphones should we need reminders and examples of mechanical maturity and electronic evolution.

We are being replaced by machines and computers. But best believe there’s no way in hell that humankind is going to stand idly by and allow it to just happen, no matter how comfortable or convenient it becomes. So the most efficient way to ease humans into society’s proverbial backseat is to convince them that their fellow man is a dastardly villain that can’t be trusted to perform menial tasks that may involve our collective safety. The stream of the man’s alleged stream does just this. The online response is one of hostility and discord, so there’s no question that Kellogg’s will spend millions on robot workers to replace disgusting, untrustworthy meatbags in an attempt to regain the public’s trust. Meanwhile, from the laymen POV, bringing in the robots is beginning to seem like a good idea. The plan is working. Similar to dozens of other events on mankind’s timeline, this video can easily be a fake scenario invented to stir up emotions and force people to move unconsciously.

I know this sounds farfetched, but most unthinkable things usually do…about 5 years out. It’s not until we experience absolute resonation do we concede to its actuality. Given the fact that this new age of information has also given birth to the next era of “Everything is possible, bruh,” I don’t put anything past anyone.

I’m done with Kellogg’s for a spell, regardless of fact or fiction.

Words by Tony Grands
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