Who’s Your Favorite Rapper? (And What That Says About You)

Lil Wayne
tumblr_max9db0OSb1rvzmzpo1_500Lil Wayne was arguably the best rapper in the world when he was telling people he was the best rapper in the world. Some of you may not be old enough or honest enough to remember that.

Like many of you, I, too, was a fan. Until all he rapped about was sex. That transformation seemed to happen during his prison stint a few years ago. All the songs that he made within the first two years of coming home seemed to be about all the ass he was missing out on while locked up. And all the songs that he’s made since seem to be a gratuitous continuation.

Theoretically, Wayne is also the first rapper to popularize being a part of the Bloods gang. The thing about that though, no one really knows exactly what blood gang he’s from. His street credibility is frequently called into question, but he skirts around that issue by activating his robot voice and throwing up more gang signs before zooming away on his custom-built skateboard. It’s kind of like the time in his career when he walked around with a guitar strapped to his back. Or when he started riding skateboards as if he wasn’t a grown ass man with kids and a wife at home. And let’s not forget, Lil Wayne it’s the self-proclaimed son of Bryan Baby Birdman Williams. Birdman has proven numerous times that he is not the most trustworthy guy, so by the laws of birds of a feather, one can assume that at the very least, Lil Wayne is probably a turd in real life. If you listen closely enough, all these things present themselves in his music.

So if you like Lil Wayne at this point in your life, amd hes yout fsvorite rapper, I can safely assume that you’re probably not to be trusted, I probably won’t believe any story you tell me without documented evidence, and I’ll never, ever trust you around my wife or my daughters.


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