Who’s Your Favorite Rapper? (And What That Says About You)

Snoop Dogg
tumblr_mj37v47kjT1qamchvo1_400Snoop Dogg is the Pinnacle of hip-hop success. He literally started his rap career as a true to life gangster rapper, evidenced by the murder trial he successfully navigated in the 90s and the constant chorus of “cuh” that littered his early lingo. Now, Snoop Dogg as a global icon. For exactly what, I’m not really sure.

Perhaps it’s smoking weed.

Perhaps it’s leaving a life of violence and treachery for one of pot and prosperity.

Snoop has done it all; clothing line, football coach, TV star, movie star, talk show host, medical marijuana entrepreneur, CEO, you name the Hip Hop hustle and Calvin B. was able to somehow put one of his paws into it. And he was probably high every single time he did every single thing that gave him any type of historical merit in the Hip Hop community. As one should be.

Let the records show that he’s never been touted as a great lyricist but we’ve never held that against him.

To his credit, Snoop hasn’t had many public disputes regarding child support or taxes. That shows a level of responsibility that today’s young, exuberant rapper would most likely throw a balled-up Harriet Tubman $20 bill at. That’s a rap scoff. Ask one of today’s able-minded wordsmiths their opinion on paying taxes and most likely their response will be something like, “I don’t fuck with taxis. Only Lyft or Uber, yo. Taxis are lame.”

If Snoop Dogg is your favorite rapper, and you’re willing to admit that in public, I know about how old you are. And it’s relatively clear how important smoking weed is to you. And there’s also the chance that you’re scatterbrained and you have no idea what direction you want to go in with your life, even as your beard hairs turn grey and your head hairs run away.


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