Who’s Your Favorite Rapper? (And What That Says About You)

Rick Ross
tumblr_mls4qnYFRG1sp80xfo1_r1_400Rick Ross is the first rapper to get totally exposed without losing any credibility or merit.

And he is definitely the first police officer turned rapper with a criminal record. He’s more than just an Isaac Hayes face ass security guard. He’s literally the voice of the new generation of rapper that doesn’t have to keep it real and can front as often as his money or the internet allows.

To a lot of the Hiphopolis, Rick Ross is also technically responsible for the boom in Trap Rap music, just as he is probably also responsible for turning the keys on many innocent men who were unjustly devoured by America’s cannibalistic justice system. But that’s for another day. Sure, Rapper’s lie and create Illusions in order to further the delusions that personify their careers, but Ross took it to another level.

He did lose that weight, though. And that’s commendable. Even in the midst of legalities and possible jail time, Ross finds a way to maintain his gangsta posture. His “integrity” is relentless.

If you listen to Rick Ross and he’s your favorite rapper I’ll never trust anything you do or say. Even if I love you like a brother, in my eyes, you are lying about everything. The more exuberant the story, the more extreme my eye roll, no matter the amount of pain or entertainment involved. It’s nothing personal, though.


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