Who’s Your Favorite Rapper? (And What That Says About You)

wpid-wp-1443048654718Future is the unofficial spokesman for the Hip Hop community’s addiction to drugs. Not only does he sing continual praise of his love for syrup, but if you listen closely enough to the lyrics you can hear the freckles of mild depression and the onset of a slight midlife crisis.

According to Future, however, he doesn’t have a drug problem and he doesn’t really consume as much of the stuff as he claims to. I don’t believe it. I’m a recovering alcoholic. The last thing anyone with an actual addiction wants to do is publicly admit it. Even if it’ll help you sell more records and become more popular with the underbelly of urban Society. Eminem did something like this when he began his rise to the top, and no one questioned it. It was looked at with high-fiving normalcy for a white boy to talk about his perverse, cartoon-esque love drugs for pay. But let a Black man do it and Oprah Winfrey gets within two steps short of paging Al Sharpton “911.”

And we can’t overlook Future’s ever-evolving antics as the requisite wild-eyed, foul-mouthed baby daddy. He calls himself Hendrix but he’s more of a Bobby Brown type, in my opinion. Most baby daddies will agree that he makes us ALL look bad, and that’s probably only because he reminds us so much of ourselves in real-time. But you didn’t hear that from me, though.

If Future is your favorite rapper, I’ll think that there are some problems in your life that likely require immediate addressing. The more you deny it will make the more solid my assumption.

No worries my friend, help is never too far away. I did the drug and alcohol counselor thing for a while. Hit my email box and let’s talk. There may be something I can help you with today. You are not alone.


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