Drive to Survive: How To Survive Road Rage!!!

Not sure if it’s something in the food or just the natural evolution of human emotion, but “road rage” seems to be on the rise and it’s not just relegated to the forgotten and ignored ‘hoods and ghettos of America.

As simple and innocent as getting from point A to B appears to be, surviving your routine commute is about more than just finding the quickest traffic light and cheapest gas these days.

You could die on your way to McDonald’s. (Oh, the irony.)

Having stated the perhaps not-so-obvious, we welcome you to the realest road rage preparation tutorial ever via TonyGrandsTV. The hints and tips provided in the video below are proven methods of life preservation while traveling in the mean streets of most urban jungles. Hopefully you won’t need to find out, though.

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Words/Hosted by Tony Grands
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