5 Signs That You’ve Been Married For Too Long

I read an article somewhere that stated the origin of marriage as something wealthy families once did back in the prehistoric days in order to secure the transfer of wealth from one familial structure to the next. That guaranteed no filthy peaseants would ever leave the confounds of their poverty as well as ensuring that those in charge stay there.

Humans like to confuse things, especially when history is involved, and I could definitely see this minute factoid about matrimony being scribbled, nay, rubbed out of the orally delivered manual on your personal pursuit of happiness. In other words, at some point folks started jumping the broom for silly reasons…like love and the sake of the children. I know, right? Leave it to man to muck up the works for future generations…

Let’s assume for a moment that the aforementioned is completely true. People got married back in the day to make sure the rich stayed rich and the poor stayed out of their sight. (And in 2017, that still makes a whole hell of a lot of sense to me.)

Got it? Good.

Fast forward to modern times and we clearly have that system misconstrued. All fucked up. People get married for the damned-est reasons nowadays, and I blame this partially on the fact that we probably aren’t even meant to get married per se. Seriously, eggs and sperm don’t stop dropping and swimming because two fools in “love” decided to ink a lifetime business deal together. But that’s for another day. There’s nothing I can say, or anyone else for that matter, that would deter people for marrying other people. I have 15-ish years of active duty myself.

I was one of the people that supported gay marriage. But not from a religious or economic or social standpoint.

Then, why?

Because if those people want to be as miserable as the rest of us, I say have at it! Bring it on! Crazy is he who is selfish with the world’s insanity.

Truth be told, if you find the right person marriage is a wonderful, beautiful, useful thing. Companionship is one of the few actual gifts that we, as beings collectively sharing the human experience, can give one another. Nonetheless, even if it’s a great set up and you have the minimum amount of complaints a spouse could possibly have, it’s still marriage. And it’s easy to forget how long it can be, especially if you’re in the eye of the storm. Case[s] in point after the page jump.


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