The First 3 Steps to Surviving “The Trump Era”

Donald Trump may very well be the most disliked man on the planet right now. The more I listen to the chattering online and IRL the more I see that — as we move ahead further in this conflict with N. Korea — he may be liked even less than our tyrannical-challenged, nuclear warhead-waving frenemy Kim Jong-un.

One doesn’t need to be a USAlien or even remotely close to one to see how terrifying our 45th President can be. Is now. Whatever. What was once emphatic, morbid curiosity about the possible changes he could initiate has progressively, aggressively, intrusively been replaced with blanketed anxiety. Nervousness. Nervousness first caused by his erratic thought patterns and minimalist approach to using syllables when he “speaks.” Like a hustler and a so-called businessman, rather than a politician.

But this isn’t how democracy works. These are the growing pains of a mini-monarchy. This is how families take over entire countries and acquire infinite power in the land. History will cosign my observations, but thats neither here nor there.

Things will be much better when Donnie T leaves office. Until then we must survive. And though we can’t solve all the problems today, we can still begin the process of truly making America great again, below.

We’ve provided the foundation in the video above. The rest is up to you, as a citizen and a human being.

Video courtesy of TGTV

Words by Tony Grands



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