Is Social Media Killing Our Babies?

Sunday, September 10, 2017 – in a hotel in Rosemont, Illinois – 19 year old Kenneka Jenkins’ body was found in a freezer. The young woman had gone out with some friends to attend a party the night before. In a bizarre chain of events that has yet to completely unfold, Kenneka wound up inside a freezer, dead, while her so-called friends had possession of her purse, cell phone, and mother’s car after the party. They claimed that could not find her. Obviously, Kenneka’s mother is devastated by the loss, but seems equally as devastated by the lack of information surrounding the death of her daughter. As any parent would be. Should be.

The hardest part of parenthood is the realization of one’s inability to completely protect their child from the secular world.


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Why I Support Hakeem Lyon’s Choice To Avoid A Controversial Photo Op

Bryshere Gray aka Hakeem Lyon

Bryshere Gray, widely known around the world as infamous MC, Hakeem Lyon, star of the musical drama Empire, is under the proverbial gun right now for deciding not to take a photo with a Philadelphia drag queen musical collective known as Philly Drag Mafia.


Bryshere — nee Hakeem — was in town to perform at the Anti-Defamation League’s Walk Against Hate and the PDM opened up for him. So, it would only make sense that he would take photographs with this local act, seeing as though he’s such a big star, right?

According to people that were at the function, Bryshere made himself available to take photographs and selfies with various members of the audience as well as other entertainers. However, when it came time to take photos with Philly Drag Mafia, Bryshere decided against it. Now, the young lad who was once loved by everyone, is receiving hate mail and unnecessary rhetoric for the decision to avoid the obvious controversy and stigmatization that would be fused with such seemingly innocent photographs.

Young Hakeem Lyon is in the infant stages of a very successful career as an entertainer. It is vital for him to make decisions that will not only benefit him in the future but also protect him in the present. I don’t know if one of his “people” told him not to take the photo, but in my opinion, it was the best choice to make under such influential circumstances.

See, here’s the thing…


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Kevin Hart, Chris Rock, and the Colorful Case of Mistaken Identity



I have a manager at work who occasionally calls me other Black guys that work with us. It doesn’t happen at a frequency where I think she’s racist or visually impaired, but clearly, to a lot of people, if even only subconsciously, all Black people look alike. And there’s really nothing wrong with that. Because in all honesty, other races look alike to me, too. I don’t think it’s anything personal or derogatory, but rather the mental manifestations of the generalized perception that society as a whole has in place.

There’s a video floating around the internet right now of a woman mistaking comedian Kevin Hart for bigger comedian Chris Rock. On schedule, the World Wide Web exploded with fervor and blanketed hostility over the perceived racism of the woman’s insulting compliment. Her backhanded big up, if you will. Of course online it turned into various “all Black people DON’T look alike” shouting matches, all of which — through Internet logic — can be loosely attributed to Donald Trump’s current reign of color-coded terror. It’s these types of pumpkin seeds that become vines and branches of unnecessary ignorance.

But that’s neither here nor there.

On the Instagram video where Hart is confused for a Rock, Kevin plays right along with the woman and is obviously having fun with the situation. It seems that people question Kevin’s sense of humor about it all. But there’s no reason for him to be upset, or to even correct the lady. Why?

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