Manhood Mondays: 5 Ways to Show Your Teenage Son That You’re Still in Charge


Fatherhood. It’s all fun and games until those cute, innocent, clean-smelling bundles of happiness evolve into smelly, disgruntled, smart-mouthed lumps of hair and bad attitude. Continue reading


Lifeguard At The Gene Pool: 5 Ways To Avoid Being Her Next Baby Daddy


Words by Tony Grands

Summertime’s almost here over. & much like “Cuffing Season,” the plan is to get with the opposite sex in hopes of obtaining as much free lovin’ as possible. Continue reading

In Search of Hip Hop Fatherhood: A Conversation With Rapper Illus


Words by Tony Grands

I like to watch things happen. & not in a bad way per se, but similar to how security guards do their job. I was a security guard for about a year, & they sent me to various locations, but the one thing that remained constant was my job description: “observe & report.” Continue reading

Innocence, Paranoia, & Urban Survival: Fatherhood In 2012


Words by Tony Grands

Children are blessed with the gift of innocence. This innocence gives them the “ability” to not be effected by the grown-up problems & mature dilemmas that the adults around them have to tolerate daily.

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