All Jaden Smith Needs Now Is A DJ Named Jeff


The new fresh prince?

Words by Tony Grands

It seems as though Jaden Smith is finally catching up to his DNA. Continue reading


Real Talk: Upset About Injustice & Unfair Treatment In America? #DoSomething


Words by Tony Grands

Following the “Not Guilty” verdict in the George Zimmerman trial, numerous voices in the Black community wanted to “do” something in response to the perceived injustice of Martin’s killer being found not guilty. (It should be noted that people of all races wanted a change in the system of American justice, not just African Americans.) Continue reading

“Smoking Weed With The President…”


Words by Tony Grands

A guy named Richard Williams, a/k/a Prince Ea, is the president & founder of a company called Make Smart Cool. To make a complicated description simple, the company’s an aggressive, hip, socio-political brand, based on serving the needs of the people. Continue reading