How The “Friend Zone” Is Like The End Zone


Words by Tony Grands

Have you ever tried to get close to a chick on an intimate level, only to be snuffed out & rejected? Continue reading


5 Places Where You Can Still Find A Decent Partner In 2012


Words by Tony Grands

Say what you want, but everybody wants somebody. People who claim they don’t are either on the business end of a break-up or savagely miserable & clawing desperately for a sidekick. Don’t trust those people. Continue reading

Tyga May Be The Smartest Cat In Rap Music


Words by Tony Grands

The first time I heard Tyga rap was years ago, on a song with his cousin Travie McCoy (lead singer of Gym Class Heroes) called “Coconut Juice.” There was nothing special about the song, but it was catchy enough to embed itself into my subconscious. Continue reading

Controversy Corner: Michelle Obama Is Not The President!


Words by Phlip

I watched SOME of the Republican and Democratic National Conventions of a couple weeks ago. As much as we saw of the two major candidates, we saw the guys who would be in charge should one of those guys win, also. Continue reading