Arizona MC Jake Eff talks Hip Hop in AZ, Big Booties, the Superbowl and Drops New Music


A couple of years ago I stopped looking to websites for new music. Funny. I’d began looking to those same websites because I’d retired my radio listener jersey. That worked for a while, but we all know how that turned out as music websites and blogs eventually rolled over and became the new, “improved” radio stations.

These days I look to Pandora Radio and for all my new shit. Seriously. You can find the rawest, hungriest rap cats creeping the alleys and back streets of Soundcloud, and in most instances, they’re scores better than your favorite MC, whoever he or she may be.

The latest jewel I’ve found is Jake Eff, a young wildcat representing the state of Arizona. I’ve even featured him as a musicsl guest on an episode of my podcast previously. He’s a clean cut straight shooter who doesn’t hesitate to tell you what he’s thinking or how he feels. We slowed Jake’s grind down just long enough for a brief chat with the west coast spitter.


TGDC: State your name, gangsta.
JE: What’s good! Jake Eff is what I go by.

TGDC: What part of the world do you represent?
JE: I’m definitely all about my state Arizona! Tucson and Phoenix reppin, but I’m all about the West Coast and I represent ANY part of the world if I can make an impact elsewhere.

TGDC: How long have you been actively rapping?
JE: I started rapping when I was 8 years old. I was recording acapella tracks on tape recorders with my brothers. When I was about 11 I got a studio plug and started making actual music, then getting into high school was when I decided I was ready to take the challenge of turning this into my actual career. I’m 20 now and I’m doing music full time.

TGDC: How’s the buzz coming along?
JE: It’s great man…definitely everything I’ve been trying for! Not anywhere near where I want to be, but it’s crazy getting love from all over and knowing that I’m actually making some type of noise after trying so many different sounds. I finally feel like I “found my sound” as cliche as that shit sounds, haha.

“5 A.M.”


An Interview With Hellfyre Club’s Nocando


Welcome to Los Angeles. Indie rap champ/battle rap vet MC/Hellfyre Club founding father Nocando (for the thousands of you that are familiar) and I have history. Back in the day, while a new wave of Hip Hop artists were scrambling across the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area in an attempt to secure a foothold on the city before the Internet ruined everything, our path crossed one night at a makeshift rap battleground. Long story short, I lost, but I wasn’t a battle rapper. MC Nocando was — still is, but he’s left that scene to venture forward. After all, evolution is what makes a good artist a great one, no?


On site with Jeff Weiss @ Shots Fired

Since then, Nocando has gone on to drop critically acclaimed albums, co-host the most awesome podcast on the West Coast, and further pioneer his legacy with the building of his Hellfyre Club empire.

I linked with No Can one afternoon at a quaint hipster heath food spot called Sachi Bowl on Slauson Avenue. Not too far from Nipsey Hussle’s haberdashery hut and fast food restaurant, actually. 2 totally different world’s a mere few thousand yards apart. We sat in my wife’s car and chopped game about the West Coast, Jeff Weiss, family, where he’s been, and where he’s going in between bites of $100 salad and anti-gravity water.

This interview is actually 2 years old. I thought it was lost in a mass transfer of files, but lo’ and behold, here it is. Enjoy.

Follow Nocando on his mission to save rap music via Twitter and more importantly, iTunes.

Words by Tony Grands

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