‘Eight Things Charlie Sheen Needs Right Now’


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‘Too Much Music’


Allow yourself a moment to take in the image(s) before you continue. Now, forget you saw it.

How many times have you heard people complaining about the lack of “new” music? Or better yet, the amount of “good” music there is out there (wherever the hell that is). It seems to be the requisite gripe when it comes to rap music. Whenever I hear that complaint, I’m often compelled to ask which they’d prefer; quantity or quality, because it seems one will never get both simultaneously. To the person saying there’s not enough music, I say there’s too much music being made right now. You may disagree, but allow me to break it down from the POV of a Hip Hop middleman.

Since blogs are the new radio, that’s where the “artists” send their music. Now, while that may not mean much to the average fan, participating on that side of the sonic influx, to us, who listen & distribute said music via the bloggersphere, it can be somewhat of a headache. In a good way, sort of, but a headache nonetheless.

There’s literally too much music.

the proverbial headbang…

I can’t begin to fathom what it must’ve been like in the 90’s, when hordes of rappers could drive to offices & knock on doors with their most likely horrible music in paw. One has to wonder if that deceased brick & mortar aspect of selling records (to record labels) played a part in the physical facet of the rap industry slowly drying up, what with rappers keeping it realer by the year & all. Really though, the last thing some poor Artists & Repertoire guy needs is to leave the house in search of new talent, only to return home dead because he refused tolisten to some duck sauce demo tape. Not that those types of scenarios played out often during the Golden Era of Rap music, but rappers didn’t get Internet points for murdering the competition back then, either. In the same vein, with artists now being their own A&R, manager, producer & literal recording house (read: bedroom labels & bathroom studios), it’s a lot easier to make & distribute music than it was a couple decades back. [Sidenote: If you call yourself a rapper, but aren’t on fb AND Twitter AND youtube, you’re not really trying to make it as a rapper in 2010. Better luck last year.] That faster, more efficient work ethic spells doom to the timely creative processes that rap fans once took for granted. Virtually anybody can & does “rap” now. So much so that I can’t imagine there are any true rap “fans” left. & the ones who do still exist are so brainwashed to the format of the system that pretty soon, all rap musicians will be failed caricatures of one another, like holding 2 funhouse mirrors in front of each other. That’s kind of what happened to jazz music, but you didn’t hear that from me.

Every morning, if only for a brief time, I scour the ‘Net to see who did what for the day. Obviously I’m looking for various forms of recent coonification©, & generally, the only days I really pay attention to the music leaks are the days I release my own list for consumption. Nonetheless, it’s impossible not to notice the new names & faces that seem to pop-up on every rap website, like that God-awful advertisement for ghostwriting services. No shots at the youngsters, whatsoever, just saying. By the law of averages, at the rate that rappers are multiplying, it’ll get progressively more difficult to find 10 new freshmen, annually. Within the next decade or so, XXL magazine may have to extend the class size to 25 or 30, assuming that all the newcomers are worthy of such a decoration, that is (which I highly doubt).

So, stop telling me there’s no [fill in the blank] music. As a matter of fact, take that energy you use to bitch & moan, & instead, fine-tune those ears. It would behoove you to do as much, trust me. From my vantage point, 2011 is gearing up to be one of the most crowded years for no-name rap cats & noob MC’s. If we stop listening to the bullshit (whatever “bullshit” is to you), it won’t even matter that it’s there. If you smell my cologne.

Hip Hop Media Vs. The FeMCee By Curtis75Black


3 dates have come and went this year: April 28, 2010 , June 29, 2010 and Sept 14, 2010. Keep these in mind for now. They’re the whole premise of this rant.

Prominence has passed without so much as a hello and goodbye from us basically because our mind was so focused on 2 individuals that shouldn’t mean Pig snot to us as fans: Kat Stacks and unfortunately Nikki Minaj. From various blogs, I’ve seen the redundant thought: “Where are the female emcees ? Why is there only one on the map ? Why are rappers so stupid to be fucking with Kat Stacks ? The reason is that media is focusing only on them for the glossy pics and a crazy comment section. Hip Hop media is shitting on the craft for their bottom-line: money!!

For all the Hate the male counterparts get for lack of lyrical ability,weak song writing, stupid punchlines and lack of flavor, Nikki gets away with a lot of shit. You can’t say she’s the only female rapping because those 3 dates above will prove you wrong. You can’t say she’s the sexiest either because Salt n Pepa, MC Lyte, Yo-Yo, Rah Digga, Charlie Baltimore, the former SolĂ©, Da Brat, Foxy Brown, Remy and Eve is competing fully in that category plus they all repped themselves well within the range of their counterparts.

Take it that the majority of these Femcees aren’t dropping anything new anytime soon because of legal issues or lack of backing doesn’t take away from the fact they all came with it. But like I said, 3 dates left with a whisper. Funny thing is, as much as Hip Hop wants to push the new female champ, all of her singles suck! There hasn’t been a track that caught everyones attention at the same time. Mainstream fans has defended this female from lyrical attacks, verbal attacks, personality attacks etc etc based off pics not skills or substance. Eye candy is all she is which I’m not mad at. But, put the mic down and leave it to Eternia, Bahamadia and Rah Digga !!

Check the dates above.


The Tank Is A Time Machine, Too


While trolling around everybody’s favorite mixtape spot, I came across a couple of mixtapes that brought back a lot of memories. Memories of the 90’s, back when rapper beef meant that a nigga was going down, no question about it. Back when rap cats only drank 1/3 of their luxurious wines, because the rest was for the dead homies, & groupie bitches (in that order). Back when “chopped & screwed” meant that a sound byte was illegally lifted & cut up & given a new home. Back when scratching up old records was the preferred digital fuckery, as opposed to sounding like a Transformer. Back when Cormega wouldn’t have even entertained the thought of doing a song with Lil B. Enough about that, though.

If your familiar with that era & call yourself a Hip Hop Head, but you don’t own at least 1 No Limit Records cassette/CD, quit lying to yourself & everybody else. A Hip Hop Head has a little bit of everything on the play list, just because, come ridicule or praise. I’d even go so far as to say a true rap purist has a favorite wack rapper. For example, I still listen to ‘Rampage The Last Boyscout & find myself rapping alongside Bryan Williams from time to time, but that’s really not the point, whatsoever.

The point was to give the cats who smell my cologne the same chance to ride in DJ New Era’s time machine for a few, like I did. Or, for you younger dudes to take a look at a pivotal piece of Hip Hop history. Obviously they didn’t win any showcases for lyrical dexterity or whatever, but ask your favorite independent rap guy how important No Limit Records was/is to Hip Hop, Corey Miller notwithstanding. Anywho…

DJ New Era Presents ‘The Best Of No Limit: Volume 1’

DJ New Era Presents ‘The Best Of No Limit: Volume 2’

I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, & far be it from me to force less than stellar music into your ear holes, but I try to respect the architects, even if only just occasionally.

My ‘Net Cred Just Shot Up


I wasn’t going to post today, but when I woke up, & realized there was a half finished Headlines, I didn’t see any harm in finishing it up & publishing, even if it wouldn’t be until about 830, after I drop The Kid at his place of business. After I dropped him, & proceeded to submit my draft, I was informed that I couldn’t post to my website. The Fuck?! Being the meticulous thinker I am, I tried a few juke-moves to get past this obstacle. No dice. My dashboard had a big pretty notice, informing me that I had to get in touch with WordPress, because of a copyright infringement on a Leakin’ from September. I was told to remove the item, & we’d be good. Thusly, among other shit that took precedence, including going back to my son’s school to take him something he didn’t even need today, I had to deal with a search & destroy mission.

Now, I don’t acquire my music by any unnatural or superficial means, so for the most part, the music I get is either floating around in plain view or sent directly to R&W’s mailbox. Nor do I charge a fee, to or from, in regards to music supply. I merely provide links for the necessary item. Items that are accessible by anybody with a computer & working fingers. All this time, & all the music that has leaked (& subsequently further leaked by me), & this is the first problem. [Sidenote: Actually, it wasn’t a problem at all per se. It was Just a tap on the proverbial shoulder & an imaginary hand motion.] My first thought was that one of the “big name” acts I had on the post must’ve had their briefcase carriers go sniffing around the ‘net for some bowls of cereal to piss in. However, it turns out that a Lloyd song on Hulkshare was the culprit. I’m not sure if he qualifies as big name, but his handler’s sure did yoke up R&WIFDP for the morning. Apparently, his name is bigger than mine, & that’s really all that matters.

I even went so far as to explain to my wife how other names on that post might’ve taken offense to my unofficial promotions. (Back in my day, it was called a “grass roots campaign,” but what do I know?) Who’da thunk it was the one song I’m positive never got downloaded, by an artist that I had to think about for a solid 8 seconds before I realized who it was, that could’ve given me such a headache. An easily manageable headache, but my point remains.

In all fairness to the rules of the fittest surviving, I understand how an artist may feel salty about an entity profiting from them without retribution. But, dude. On top of me being nothing more than 1 of thousands of wheel-spinners who call this Internet home, Lloyd should be appreciative I put it on there at all. R&B gets no play in this ride. Just saying.

Somebody needs to tell somebody that all new music goes through us. For illustrative purposes, yesterday, a homie asked me if I heard the new Too $hort & 50 song, ‘Trick.” I laughed & showed him I dropped ‘Bitch’ on this site months back.

Anywho, Happy friday or whatever. Enjoy your weekend people. Hit me up on the Tweet Box over the weekend, y’all. & if you’re not on Twitter, get on Twitter, & come holler @THe_ToNY_GRaNDS.