Fog & Smog Films Presents: “Whole Foods Parking Lot” [video]


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Uncommon Records x Backwoodz Studios Presents The 4th Annual Yule Prog Festival *Update*


We want YOU at the 4th Annual Yule Prog Event on December 14th! This is it! Our 4th Annual Progressive Hip-Hop Event in NYC! YULE PROG.

If you’ve never been to a Yule Prog before, this should be your first time and if you have then you already know the deal. It’s the very best in the Progressive Hip-Hop scene in NYC as celebrated by Uncommon Records and Backwoodz Hip Hop. As always, it’s at one of the best venues in NYC, Southpaw. It’s being held on December 14th at 8pm. Make sure you get there at 8pm because the show is starting early with WILLIE GREEN performing all the tracks from his classic album “Of Heroes of Villains” live for the first time ever.

All told, 14 acts will hit the stage and include ELUCID, LODECK, L.I.F.E. LONG, BILLY WOODS, THE PRESENCE, A.M BREAKUPS and much more! The show goes beyond NYC too with TEDDY FALEYDJ ADDIKT coming in from Baltimore and MEGABUSIVE coming in from San Jose, CA!

Don’t miss this, call out sick, do whatever you have to in order to be there on Dec. 14th! Peep the flyer below and don’t forget to TELL A FRIEND!

For more info, visit

So, you CAN’T come to YULE PROG???  We’re gonna assume that’s because you live too far away, because if you’re in the Tri State, we know you’ll be there!  Either way, there’s two things YOU can still do. 

1 – Invite your friends in the NYC area to YULE PROG via our FACEBOOK event.  This really goes a long way in support for us and is much appreciated!

2 – Download Adam Warlock’s NEW FREE song called “Yule Proggin'”, Produced by Nasa.  It’s available here at our Soundcloud page

You guys spreading the word is what makes it all happen for us, thanks for all the suppport!