The Real Reason I’m Unable To Enjoy Fetty Wap’s Music



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Manhood Mondays: 9 Undeniable Signs That You Are No Longer A Boy, Man

tgdc-manhoodmondaysThe transition from boyhood to manhood is a totally different experience than the one from girlhood to womanhood, and this comes straight from Dr. Obvious himself.

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Remember That Time Drake Read Raps Off Of His BlackBerry?


With all the commotion surrounding Drizzy Drake and his alleged ghostwriter, Quentin Miller, it looks like the perfect opportunity to remind people about the last time Drake was in a similar situation.

People tried to crucify him for rapping, nay, freestyling from his smartphone when he was caught on tape at Hot 97. But, like most things Hip Hop and Internet related, people soon forgot. And they’ll continue to forget.

Check out the awkwardly hilarious video below.

TGDC News: For $30, Donald Trump Will Eat Your Booty Like Groceries


You don’t really need proof that Donald Trump is an asshole. He’s confidently carried himself that way since long before any electoral race. Take a look at his old reality show if you need further proof.

With his recent color commentary regarding our Hispanic brethren, he has quite possibly commented his legacy for eternity. This may be the main reason he is currently polling in first place on the Republican card; everyone loves an asshole.

Well, not everyone.

A man named Fernando Sosa (and we’ll assume he is Hispanic for the time being) agrees with the general consensus on Trump’s behavior and has created a line of butt plugs that look just like Donald Trump. Poetic justice served, especially for an asshole.


Yes, butt plugs. A butt plug is a sex toy that is, ahem, inserted into the anus during coitus to heighten the pleasure of the wearer. It can be enjoyed by both men and women. Is the butt plug that hard up for new designs? Probably not, which makes this toy that much more awesome-r.

In an interview regarding his product, Sosa, a 31 year old Mexican-Floridian artist, told the HuffPo:

I wanted to do something insulting. I like the mental picture of his face going into people’s asses.

For those interested, the butt plug sells for just under $30, and has life-like hair. I don’t know if the hair takes away from or adds to the intended pleasure, but I don’t want Trump to be the president, so it should go without saying that I’d rather not have him –or his likeness– eating my booty like groceries.

Fernando, an immigrant who arrived in America when he was 11, stated via his website, “I usually make butt plugs to insult dictators, homophobes and politicians. However, when I heard Donald Trump’s remarks about Mexicans and Latinos from South America I was extremely angry.” Sosa also plans on working on Jeb Bush and Chris Christie plugs as well. No word on if President Obama will make the cut.