Tell Jay Z To Keep His “Old Man Raps”

Change is good, evolution is necessary. However not all things need reassignment. Some stuff in life is just fine the way it is.

Some time ago, everybody’s favorite drug dealing rapper, Jay-Z, released his 4:44 album. Though the album was scrutinized and highly criticized by the female listeners, for a lot of different reasons, it is still regarded as a milestone in rap music. To most people, it marked Jay-Z’s attempt at ushering in a more mature attitude towards the music. This wasn’t the first time a rapper attempted to crossover, but this isn’t just a rapper. It’s Jigga. And let’s be honest; what Jay-Z does we all follow. Overall, the album was basically Shawn Carter’s admission of having flaws and making his way through life as a man. 75% of Hiphopolis praised Jay-Z for his effort. And for what it’s worth, I predicted this album before it dropped.

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Words by Tony Grands


Nicki Minaj Vs. Amber Rose: Whose Cake Would You Rather Cut? [NSFW]



Words by Tony Grands

It seems almost impossible to escape these 2 ladies. But, I’m not complaining. As America seeks a new urban sweetheart, Nicki & Amber immediately come to mind. No pun intended. Today, they’ll duke it out here, & ultimately the winner will be you!

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The Realest Nigga In Hip Hop


As boring as rap music is right now, there sure is a lot of drama. It’s so bad that I’m hearing “the streets” calling Drake a snitch for testifying on some cats who robbed him. I won’t even go in on the Yukmouth situation, because in a microwave world, that’s old news. Point is, with so little new music beating us down (i.e. The major players are all on state-sponsored vacations) it’s not much to talk about but guy’s personal lives. It’s moments like these when someone can really appreciate Kanye West.

Kanye kept it real. He spoke his mind about real shit, as opposed to just really speaking his mind, if you smell my cologne. George W. Bush has yet to shake the mantra of not caring about Blacks & isn’t doing much to change it. But, that’s neither here nor there. Kanye kept it so real in fact, that at the height of his popularity, cliche or not, he scooped the baddest White girl this side of Marilyn Monroe. That was a power move of NBA proportions. Ascots, fingerless gloves, pink accessories, window blind sunglasses, you name it & Ye probably did it to death. As interesting a character his caricature is, his music stayed moving crowds. Just ask Jay-Z.

After ‘808’s & Heartbreaks’, dude kind of fell back, due to his battle with Tourette’s Syndrome & what not. While his antics may have gotten him in trouble, his honest, free spirited brand of Hip Hop is noticeably missing. Rap cats either stunt, front or lie so tough, that even if you don’t agree with Ye’s philosopies, you must respect it.

I thought it would have been killer to release some music on the heels of him & Amber Rose being shitted on by PETA, but no dice. He wouldn’t even leave fashion week in France to help out Haiti, so why would he help out Hip Hop? I don’t expect anything less from the Douchebag Emperor of the Galaxy, though.

He’s proven time again that he’s a smart fellow, & we all know that absence makes the heart grow fonder. No homo. It’s about time for him to return & show the world that Hip Hop music > rap.

Arguably, it all started here. & something tells me it’s far from over.