TGDCnews: Clifford “TIP” Harris Tells Donald Trump “Fuck You!” Because Instagram


Clifford Harris, bka TIP, has become infamous for taking down low-lifes and scumbags via his Instagram account. Ask his daughter.

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Where’s Waldo?: The Clifford Harris Edition


I know I’m not the only person who enjoys Clifford Harris‘ music, if only just a little bit. Guilty pleasures & what not. Dude may not be the most profound, proficient lyricist, but by today’s standards of what makes a rapper tolerable, he’s right on task, possibly over qualified for the position. Admittedly, I’ve only bought a couple of his albums, but TI’s the type of MC who has been widely accepted by the mainstream machine so passionately, that if you’ve heard at least two of his songs on the radio or at the club, you’ve heard them all. No shots, shawty.

See, back when he was going through his legal problems, I felt sorry for homie. Aside from thinking he got the short end of the whole situation (Philant [RIP] was already dead & dead men don’t stress.), I’ve always respected him as a down-to-earth type guy. Even beyond what he raps about, he married a very plain looking woman (not that there’s anything wrong with that). That kind of thing speaks volumes to the level of “realness” he surrounds himself with, so to speak. That harsh reality may have doubled-back for an ass biting though, as he got called every snitch in the snitch-calling handbook when he was sentenced to a year’s worth of federal time. Not that he served it all, but that’s neither here nor there.

Once the ‘Nets became ablaze with news of him being released last December (which wasn’t actually true; he didn’t get released to a halfway house until January, & he’s still there), I was willing to bet the farm that he would get free & ambush the music industry like a madman. After all, his last album did fairly well , sales-wise. Common sense would say that his fans are ready for the next installment, & entertainer’s common sense should say that only a dead rapper sells better than a fresh-out-the-bing rapper. No dice. In fact, until I mumbled, “TI” to myself before I started typing, I hadn’t heard anybody say much about him.

Maybe his pre-prison road to redemption was more than he was subconsciously ready for. I’d assume it would be hard to represent street life, even nominally, after death & imprisonment had robbed you of so much happiness. & fuck the bull shit; any amount of time without freedom is way too much time without freedom. Just saying. Aside from that, only the world’s biggest douchebag would spend night after night chasing adolescent criminals-in-the-making around America’s ghettos, on national TV, with the intentions of helping them redeem themselves, only to touchdown & hypocritically start making “trap music” again. Or perhaps he’s stuck for material (pause?). TI’s deep enough in the rap game to know that fans today are extra fickle, & any change in substance-be it good or bad-is usually met with the gas face. Either scenario would be quite the dilemma for Cliff, who’s based his entire career on war stories & hood politics.

& as much as I dug Whatever You Like, shame on his “Grand Hustle” if he thinks I’m buying an album full of backwards pimping.

If nothing else, I’m going to buy his next joint, whenever that is, just to see where his head is. & he’s got about as many mouths to feed as Lil Wayne & Shawn Kemp, so y’all should help the brother out & do the same.