Why Mumble Rap Really Isn’t That Bad


The term “Mumble Rap” was allegedly coined by rapper Wiz Khalifa during an interview sometime in 2016. In short, Mumble Rap refers to the current wave of rap songs where lackadaisical lyrics meet muffled and mispronounced delivery equaling eerily simplistic, yet infectiously melodic material. Rappers like Desiigner, Chief Keef, Future, 21 Savage, Playboi Carti all meet or exceed the qualifications for Mumble Rappers. (That qualification is to sound like you’re spitting bars with a mouth full of piping hot oatmeal.)

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Who’s Your Favorite Rapper? (And What That Says About You)


Who’s your favorite rapper? This may be the most popular, most important, most repeated question for urban males between the ages of 13-33. Trailing a close second is “Where the weed at?”

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Will Meek Mill’s Terrible Taste in Shirts Affect His Comeback?


Who amongst us remembers that fateful day when Meek Mill, in the midst of experiencing the most success of his career, decided that publicly challenging Drake was a good idea? Oh, everone? Good.

Since then, as a byproduct of his rap beef-inspired flailing, Meek has been dissed by other rappers for biting, called out guys that had nothing to do with the beef — like Future and AR-Ab — subsequently filling his dance card, been himself accused of having a ghostwriter, and seems to continually slide backwards into the increasingly counterproductive role as Mr. Nicki Minaj, the pop star’s living accessory.

A similar thing happened to Nick Cannon for a while.

But hold the pity party. This is Meek Mill we’re talking about. A man in his position, with nothing to lose and everything to gain, should be making as much noise as Maybach Music Group will allow. I’ve said before that Meek should have totally dismissed Drake’s razor-sharp onslaught by now, pretended the whole conflict never happened, and continued making the music that he normally would have. That’s what finally earned him the recognition he rightfully deserved. And that’s the only way people will forget about the multi-media lynching that occured, which oddly put Meek in a similar position as his boss was in following his dust-up with 50 Cent some years ago. All that’s left now is for him to come back from the proverbial dead, like Rick Ross and Jesus did.

I know how the rap game works, as most of you do. We’re all aware that it’s just a matter of Fetty Wap-enveloped time before Meek jumps off the front porch and is back to yelling in our faces as usual. Because he’s the human vuvuzela.


But this wouldn’t be a real Hip Hop site if we didn’t kick him while he was still down. So before Meek makes his triumphant Rocky Balboa-like return to the glory he momentarily had to abandon, let’s have a look at his horrible taste in shirts.

It may be time to invest in a stylist before traversing the comeback trail, Milly.



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–Tony Grands

Stolen Spotlights: 4 Featured Rappers That Outshined The Star


Words by Cordrick Ramey

Greetings world. I was out with the family earlier today and of course we were listening to the radio. The new K-Camp song “Comfortable” came on and I was thinking to myself “Damn this dude blew up out of nowhere.” But that is not true at all. Most artists had to take lesser positions in order to gain their current status. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with paying dues.

But this article isn’t about that.

This article is about the artists whose dues were paid, but are no longer with us. Artists who literally aren’t here anymore to even consider.

Case in point, I just mentioned K-Camp. Nice string of hits, guest features, he’s doing his thing. But that’s now. Do you remember the first time you heard K-Camp? Well this was my first time.

Mykko Montana featuring K Camp- Do It

What in thee Hell happened to this Mykko guy? If you lived in Atlanta in 2012, you are familiar with this song. K Camp only did the hook. Mykko Montana had this song and…… Now I’m not here to clown on guys who didn’t see the success they expected, it’s just a general observation. So where is he now? I searched the internet for features, shows, new music….anything. I found him hosting a few open mic events in the metro Atlanta area. Still a far cry from what he wanted I’m sure. But I did find this posted on Twitter as of that day.

Now, do you remember this tune?

YC featuring Future- Racks

Holy shit! 2011, if you were not putting your hands over another climbing towards the ceiling, what the fuck were you doing? The potential for his career was huge. This song was in strip clubs, on the radio and on every popular mixtape during this time. Only problem is, the other guy capitalized off of it the most. Some dude named Nayvadius, literally and figuratively, stole the fuckin show. His name is Future now. This may not be the first time you heard him, but that second generation Dungeon Family album doesn’t count. He was destined to win, Rico Wade is his cousin. But just for extra measure, I have a Future song from when his name was Meathead. He stayed across the street from my cousin, still in high school. He rapped then too.

Lower Dec- Don’t Impress Me

I actually helped them to get this song on a Ghetto Mafia album. Meathead Future raps first just in case you needed to know. For the surviving members of this group, they now work regular jobs. Nothing wrong with that. Let’s continue.

This next one is a no brainer and quite difficult to dispute.

Jaz-O featuring Jay-Z- Hawaiian Sophie

Damn, talk about paying dues. But to his credit, it was 1989 and a lot of music had horribly corny themes. Jay-Z was actually Jaz’s protégé for awhile. Taking him on tours, allowing him to feature on songs, basically showing him the ropes of the industry. This was a simple situation of student not only becoming better than, but far surpassing anything the teacher could even imagine. I don’t have to run down the list of Jay-Z’s accomplishments, while Jaz’s greatest accomplishment was giving us Jay-Z.

Boyz N Da Hood – Dem Boyz

Now this wasn’t actually a feature, as Young Jeezy was apart of this group. You DO know he used to be in a group right? Kinda hard to tell I’m sure. Unfortunately, the careers of Jody Breeze, Big Gee and Big Duke never took off. Jeezy immediately followed up their first album with his own mixtape, Trap or Die hosted by DJ Drama, and the rest is history.

This is the way I see things for certain rappers: some have more talent, grind, and hustle than others. Some have other abilities, like networking skills, enabling them to make the proper connections. Either way, some thrive and survive. Others don’t.

Words by Cordrick Ramey
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