Larry Flynt Offers Money For Trump Dirt

Hustler publisher and flamboyant adult industry icon Larry Flynt is offering upwards of 10 million dollars for any information that may lead to the impeachment, arrest, or removal of the current president, Mr. Donald Trump. He posted this on Twitter this afternoon (Oct. 16):

He also took out a full page ad in the Washington Times:

He also did this to Bob Livingston in 1998.

Stay tuned.


Lisa Murphy: Hugh Hefner For The Blind


Leave it to a Canadian to out-think Hugh Hefner. Larry Flynt tried & almost succeeded, but there’s no way in hell that a man in a wheel chair will ever be as fast as a guy with 3 (yes…3) fully functional legs & enough Viagra to help him live another 200 years. I’m convinced that, like cockroaches, the common cold & Black people, no matter what happens, Hef will be around forever. Hugh’s apparent immortality isn’t going to stop Lisa Murphy from tapping into the slimeball in all of us, though. Even if said slimeball can’t see.

See (no pun intended), from 1970 to 1985, Hefner actually published braille versions of ‘Playboy’, but the pictures themselves were still regular pics. Good intentions, but an epic douchebag move. How such a tease of a magazine even lasted 15 years is a testament to the wack shit the handicapped have to endure. Lisa Murphy, however, has published a book called ‘Tactile Mind‘, which is full fledged pornography for the visually impaired. If paraplegics can still father children, surely a blind man can continue to be a pervert on his own terms. The book contains raised, 3D images of all things naked & enough dirty words in braille to give the “reader’s” imagination the needed jumpstart. I haven’t yet figured out if this means that, collectively, Canadians are getting smarter than us fat, lazy Americans, or that Canada is so boring that this is a logical step in their sexual evolution. Either way, Lisa’s about to get paid.

Especially since the book costs $200.

In all fairness to the na├»ve nature of a man who can’t see, that $200 could buy a hooker. Not just any hooker, though. For that price, she may even be able to hold a semi-intelligent conversation & not have to rob you post coitus. Plus, it wouldn’t even matter how ugly she is, if you smell my cologne. Not that I advise renting vagina, but sometimes, a brother gotta do what he gotta do. & for $200, fuck paper, my fingers better be rubbing the bumps on a real-life areola. An erect nipple is braille enough, & what it says is universal.

To show that she’s not biased, Murphy’s ‘Tactile Mind’ even has some renderings of male porn in the book as well. My question in regards to that though, is how uncomfortable is that going to be for the guy who unknowingly rubs that page? I’m pissed when my Google search takes me down an unwanted path (like when I needed a picture of “big balls of fire”). I couldn’t imagine it happening in tangible 3D, with my eyes closed.