The Importance of Doing “New Boo Research” | Manhood Mondays


You meet a chick, fall in “love” with her, and wife her up. But you skipped arguably the most important part. The research.

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Manhood Mondays: 2016 Keys To Success


As 2015 winds down, we scramble and shuffle and attempt to itemize this past year’s follies in hopes of doing better next year. Some of us make promises to ourselves we have no intention of keeping. Others use the new year as a jumpstart to self-betterment and lasting happiness. Fuck all that, though…

Whatever your bullshit reason for wanting to do better next year, we salute you. Without goals, life’s accomplishments would be nothing more than chores.


Click the video below for some key points men can utilize to find certain successes next year and hopefully, beyond.

Today’s episode features music from Tunji Ige.


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