G-Eazy and the Slippery Slope of Having Dead Homies | The TGR Podcast


G-Eazy wants to resurrect Bay Area Hip Hop godfather Mac Dre to perform with him. Yes. We say leave dead people alone before they have babies with technology and destroy us.


Personal-use holograms of deceased loved ones and expired historical figures coming soon, too. Quote me on that.


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Haters: A Brief Overview


Words by Tony Grands

Urban America has this belief that people strongly disliking you for who you are or what you have – more commonly known as “hating” – is a good thing. Continue reading

7 Awesome Michael Jackson Moments


There’s really nothing left to be said about Michael Joseph Jackson. If it hasn’t been said by now, I’m pretty sure that nobody wants to hear it anyway. Let’s hope the mourners, who’ll undoubtedly be out in full force today (at least in greater metropolitan Los Angeles), don’t get geechy & start a riot in the name of their fallen leader. God bless the Jackson family, & R.I.P. Mike. I don’t care what they say about you; you’ll always get respect from me.

Here’s 7 moments in Michael Jackson’s life that you probably forgot you even remembered (& feel free to add you own memories to the list in celebration of this cultural icon’s legacy):

1. ‘Thriller

2. Disney’s ‘Captain Eo’ (Parts One & Two )

3. ‘Moonwalker

4. The Pepsi commercial

5. The first live “moonwalk”

6. The Scarecrow from ‘The Wiz’

7. Blanket vs MJ & Gravity

2 for the price of 1


Looks like they finally got their scapegoat. I just love how America isolates the symptoms, but ignores the root problem.

I saw a special on TV Friday night, & contrary to the angelic presence most sheep paint of their beloved Michael Jackson, this episode of ‘Dateline’ exposed the hidden, unknown under belly of a life that most people adored. Others worshiped. One would be hard pressed not to see some sort of underlying intention of further vilifying & demonizing the King of Pop during the hour-long character assassination. Really, if somebody wrote a book on the media’s coverage of the life & death of Michael Joseph Jackson, they’d have to call it ‘How To Kill A Dead Man’. I literally took notes. The broadcast implied he was a drug addict, a vagabond, bad with his money, a child molester (of course), & hinted at their interpretation of his sexual preference. A couple of times. Even the sound bites of Jackson himself were carefully edited so the context with which they were used became a perfectly crafted double edged sword. I would say it was sad, if I didn’t believe that quite a bit of it was self-inflicted, long before he took his final breath. That’s not to say I agree without conjecture, but I totally understand.

There was an eerie absence of any of the Jackson family members. Seems like someone would want to present an objective point of view that would balance out the gossipy mud-slinging & transparent propaganda. No dice. &, my wife pointed out that the tour he was scheduled to go on, which ultimately became the DVD, was titled ‘This Is It’. Just saying.

With the remaining 10 minutes of the program, the show previewed the second installment of the series, which was all about, yep, you guessed it. Dr. Conrad Murray was a thriving doctor in Las Vegas when Mike befriended him, subsequently offering him a job as his personal doctor during the overseas tour. & if we can all agree to be honest here, Michael knew exactly what he was doing. A couple of years ago, I would’ve done the same thing.

Conrad is now a generation’s fall guy. What he probably viewed as the most lucrative decision he could ever make, has become a nightmare existence. He hasn’t even gone to trial yet, & has already been tried, & convicted of murder, no matter what a judge will say. He was scheduled to turn himself in last week, but minor differences between his legal camp & the rest of the world have successfully postponed the inevitable. Not to make it a race issue, but how many times have you seen the cops & the government fighting over a Black guy? This dude might just be the second most valuable nigga in the country right now. Unfortunately, money holds no weight against the weight of the world on his back. That reality is set to befall him Monday morning.

If you’re keeping score, two men are lost behind a set of unfortunate circumstances. The conspiracy theorist in me says that a well executed plan has taken place, with Murray as the man on the proverbial grassy knoll. But, my “real nigga radar” tells me that the role of the hustler & the hustlee became misguided & confused during their brief, detrimental friendship. Truthfully, I can’t tell who the true victim is, especially since the main character has been written out of the script. I guess when two people set out with all intentions of using each other for personal gains, it’s hard to lay blame. For all the time, money & effort Mike spent to create a fantastically awesome, bizzaro universe, when it’s all said & done, he was a real life human being, no more, no less.

I hope as time progress, & Michael’s memories begin to overshadow is untimely demise, people will be as forthcoming with his mistakes & ineptitude, as they are with his mythology & legend. I also hope that Conrad Murray’s story will be told in it’s entirety, some day, as well.

God bless the Jackson family. Even Joe.

Michael Jackson ‘Morphine’