In The News 11/19/12


Palestinian civilian toll climbs in Gaza |usatoday

Gunplay Asks Saigon Some Rick Ross Questions |allhiphop

Republicans scramble to distant themselves from Mitt Romney |latimes

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In The News 11/5/12

50 Cent Claims ‘Floyd Mayweather Beef’ Is Fake |vibe

Boston Rap Legend Edo G Releases Mitt Romney Diss |hiphopondeck

YouTube Encourages Users To Video Their Vote |techcrunch

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Phillip Knight & The Legal Voter Suppression Machine


Words by Phlip

I had an idea…

If voter suppression is the means to swaying the vote to Romney, why have they not tapped one of their megabucks CEO pals to do something to distract that target market from voting in November? Continue reading

In The News 8/29/12


RNC Attendee Throws Nuts At Black CNN Camerawoman: ‘This Is How We Feed Animals’ |nydailynews

California Man Puts 14-Foot Neon Sign in His Front Yard Calling Mitt Romney a Racist |complex

Rap’s Long History of ‘Conscious’ Condescension to Women |theatlantic

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