Manhood Mondays: A Few Handy Tips On How To Survive Being Broke


No time for song and dance. There will be moments when you don’t have money. Broke. This is a fact. Do not let rap songs and the Internet fool you into thinking otherwise. We all pay bills. Uncle Sam has his fiscal fist up all of our rears, and every once and a while, the struggle becomes real. Shit gets tight. So be it…

At this point, it becomes a matter of survival. But surviving without auxiliary funding isn’t the arduous task that more fortunate folks illustrate it as. Allow us to provide the assist with a few simple dos and don’ts for being broke.

Don’t go out with friends that aren’t broke. The problem here is that you may have limited funds and that can become a problem when going to the movies evolves into grabbing a bite to eat, then hitting a club, or just running the streets. Not to mention alcohol and drugs. If you can’t at least pitch in, you will likely NOT be invited on the next outing. Keep it real with yourself and save some embarrassmembarrassm Hanging out us awesome, but staying home is free.

Do plan accordingly. If there’s something you want to do, and you’re wading in the shallow end of the financial pool, save up ahead of time, if need be. There’s virtually nothing worse than running out of the little bit of money that you really never had in the first place.

Don’t commit yourself to big purchases knowing that you’ll be paying the price for it later. On the real, if you’re broke now, you’ve been surviving without whatever it is you don’t have all this time. What’s a little while longer? Your TV ain’t as small as your drunk homeboys say it is.


Do get regular guy haircuts. Stay away from the latest fad fades and fancy designs. Why? Because there’s a good chance that you won’t be able to afford the bi-weekly upkeep. Those parts and squiggly lines may look trill for a couple of days, 7 at the most, then it’s time to revisit the barber for a freshen up or chop that shit. No reason to look homeless if you’re not homeless. Yet.

Don’t start any new relationships. Poverty is a bad look on new boyfriends. Or worse; she may think your helplessness adorable, in a motherly way, and attempt to rescue you from yourself, inadvertently becoming a domineering empress whose sole purpose is to control your every waking moment. Fuck all that. If you really need a woman to lean on, call your mom.

Do curb your habits. It’s not as hard as it appears. Cut out the wake and bake and watch the difference it makes in your weekly stash reload. Stop smoking as many cigarettes and cut back on the random beer guzzlement. Better yet, eliminate your hab—I’m joking. Do the best you can, though. The transition may not be easy, but it’ll make a difference in the long run.

Survival is a must because no storm lasts forever. Stay tuned. This topic will undoubtedly be revisited.

– Tony Grands


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