Trade That Lottery Pick, Lakers!


So the 2016 NBA Draft lottery is tonight…

Expectations include the Lakers or Sixers getting the top pick (watch, neither will, because drama).  I am of the opinion that there is not enough talent in this draft to be totally excited about those prospects.  Ben Simmons, the expected overall #1 pick next month, is EXTREMELY one-dimensional in his unwillingness to touch or be touched.  That will limit him in the NBA for a player who has not yet exhibited an ability to consistently shoot from distance.

Beyond that, the REAL talent to be had right now is in the upcoming free agent class who waited out for the new collective bargaining agreement and TV deal, wherein they will be able to make MAJOR cash on their next deals.

Never mind the Sixers, it is almost guaranteed they will find a way to screw the pooch on this – yes, even with new management.

The Lakers apparently have compiled the best war chest with young talent/rookie deals currently on the roster to build with and a TON of money coming off of the books with the retirement of Kobe Bryant, among other things. Trade that high-level pick (even if you need to negotiate it over the month and pull the trigger on draft night) for one of those big names and some pieces to make the deal fit.  Sell the incoming veteran all-star(s) on the prospect of playing for a “rookie” coach who has a winning pedigree already, a management group who is committed to winning soon or recusing themselves for one that can win, and – perhaps most importantly – a Kobe Bryant no longer in the building as a distraction or outgoing hindrance.  Keep your young nucleus intact, I am thinking to make a play for a PG, SF and PF (Kevin Durant and Kevin Love come to my mind), work them into a system that maximizes their respective talents and get back to the playoffs RIGHT now is where my opinion leads me.

I know it seems crazy, a bit foolhardy and homerish for me to think like this.  No need to remind me.  I have been a fan of the Lakers long enough to see good times, bad times and the disaster that has been the past two seasons.  I also know that we NEVER stay this bad for long at all.  It is about time for one of those Laker miracles to take place, starting tonight.  I am of the opinion that no matter what happened last night or will happen tonight, that neither of the Kevins’ respective teams will beat the Golden State Warriors in 7 games and therefore will be looking to move on to greener and perhaps more successful pastures after each taken multiple goes at it with their current/former situations.  The changed dynamics of the NBA of the past 5-7 years or so in the “instant rebuild” as I call it removes the uncanny or unlikely nature of how this might go over, even if each of them only takes a 2-year contract to feel it out and make another move if this play doesn’t work out.

Stranger things have happened, no?  Trade that pick for proven talent and win RIGHT now, Lakers.

Words by PHLIP


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