Why Isn’t ESPN Talking About the Peyton Manning Sexual Assualt Allegations?





I believe this is because ESPN is in the NFL’s back pocket and this story gaining any traction or being “validated” by ESPN is the last thing that the NFL wants right now.

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Got Game?: Madden ’16 Game Review


From the very beginning, Madden 16 impresses. Right after you load the game and select your favorite team it drops you immediately into the action. A simulation of Super Bowl 50 offers a nice intro with slick visuals, smooth gameplay, and a few cutscenes with dialogue from the players and coaches to immerse you in the experience.

This intro also introduces you to a few of the new gameplay mechanics and features. It’s pretty cool stuff. With a little luck and skill, you can be a Super Bowl champion within minutes of starting the game.

Next, it throws you into the Skills Trainer, which you can skip, but if you’re a novice or just haven’t played in awhile, I’d highly suggest you give some of these mini-games a go. In addition to being fun on their own, the mini-games really help you to learn how to use the additions to control and gameplay that the developers have added this year.

Once you hit the main menu you’ll see that Madden ’16 has more modes than the Kardashians have had Black boyfriends. Ultimate Team (fantasy football), Draft Champions (a new mode), Off/Online Vs, Connected Franchises, and the aforementioned Skills Trainer and Gauntlet are all there. There’s plenty to do and check out, and one could spend months going through and experiencing all of the available modes.

So now let’s get into gameplay.


I’ve played Offline and Online against human and CPU competitors (I still haven’t lost a game yet, by the way) and I must say that this is some of the best player control of all the Maddens I’ve ever played. Yes, the control can seem complicated and intimidating, but they’re also smooth and easy enough for noobies as well as the #MaddenKings who’ve sat out a few years and maybe a little rusty. The learning curve for the updated gameplay is not too steep, and isn’t frustrating to the point of making you want to quit. The new functions, in addition to being great to look at aesthetically, really add depth to the game, with abilities like your QB being able to throw exactly what type of pass you want to. Want to throw it high? Low? A corner fade? Back shoulder? It can all be done consistently now with the new passing system.

I’ve knocked off .5 points from Madden 16’s perfect 10 score because of an annoying soundtrack, a few bugs when quitting games, the draft in Franchise Mode, and some settings issues. But these issues do not effect Madden’s overall experience, which is A+.

As you can see, I’m already very fond of Madden 16. I definitely recommend it as a purchase to noobs, the players who’ve been on the sidelines for awhile, and the vets who haven’t left the field.

Madden 16

— Words by Braveheart