Wild Wednesday: LeBron James, Vigilante Justice, & Rick Ross Rape


The Shoe Game

Words by Tony Grands

For what it’s worth, people have been getting murdered for articles of clothing for decades. Probably longer than that. Every new, wet-behind-the-ears generation thinks their’s is the first generation to exhibit such fruitless savagery, but that’s not the case, sadly. Continue reading


Phillip Knight & The Legal Voter Suppression Machine


Words by Phlip

I had an idea…

If voter suppression is the means to swaying the vote to Romney, why have they not tapped one of their megabucks CEO pals to do something to distract that target market from voting in November? Continue reading

NBA Report: Michael & (The) Bob(cats)


Words by Phlip

I am going to be up front here… The Bobcats suck, the Bobcats sucked last season, will suck this season and will continue to suck for the balance of Michael Jordan’s ownership of the franchise, or until the league contracts and dissolves the team, whichever should so happen to take place first.

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