Who’s Your Favorite Rapper? (And What That Says About You)


Who’s your favorite rapper? This may be the most popular, most important, most repeated question for urban males between the ages of 13-33. Trailing a close second is “Where the weed at?”

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The Real Reason We Won’t Let Slim Jesus Have A Piece of the Rap Game Pie


The real reason we won’t let Slim Jesus get a piece of the rap game pie is because we’ve reached our status quo for White rappers and there aren’t any vacancies currently available. In fact, there is an influx of them pouring in, and unfortunately he got lost in the affirmative action shuffle.

Because surely it’s not the fact that he spits make-believe rhymes when most rappers do it, too. It can’t be because he’s a “fake” or a “fraud,” which Rick Ross already proved rap fans don’t give a fuck about.

Hip Hop is music of fantasy, and granted the kid is playing with fire, he has a right to live out his, like 90% of the other rappers.

The problem is Drill Music is for real. These young cats kill each other then make songs about it. It’s much deeper than fake guns, disclaimers, and living in a bubble behind the ideology of creative freedom. Words are dangerous and energetic and recklessly wielding them can be hazardous to one’s health. The bible even talks about it.

Perhaps Slim may want to ease up on the gangsta profile, but by no means should he be banned from making rap music. That just seems a bit bigoted, and Hip Hop knows how it feels to be on the receiving end of that, don’t we?

Words by Tony Grands
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Too Real For the Game: A Salute To MMG’s Gunplay


Words by Cordrick Ramey

Every once in awhile, hip hop stumbles across a figure who is here, but not too sure if he should be here. Not to say they don’t belong, but just too real for the game. Maybe you still can’t follow, but I’m thinking along the lines of your Project Pats, Gucci Manes, Ol’ Dirty Bastards and Beanie Sigels. Dudes who just happen to know how to rhyme. They had other occupations.

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