TGDC News: Minister Louis Farrakhan Blames Himself For Wave Of Rapper Arrests


Minister Louis Farrakhan has been reaching out to the rap community a lot lately, and the results seems to be positive. He has meet with Young Thug,  Puff Daddy, Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, and others. What’s notable, according to the minister, is that all of these artists become targets after he meets with them.

Could that be true? Do the Hip Hop cops and the FBI have some sort of partnership happening in yet another attempt to destroy the Black man and the only culture he can call his own?

Those questions, while dramatic for effect, are for you to answer. But you never know until it’s too late, anyway.

He ominously warns in the video:

And so, my brothers and my sisters, this is a sign to you. We’ve got to clean up our act. Be careful. Because the enemy is setting traps for you.

Watch the full video below.

–Tony Grands


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Black people love Tupac Shakur. & Black people love Barack Obama.

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